WRITE ANGLE PRODUCTIONS is a nonprofit organization devoted to supporting playwrights in the development of new scripts, and presenting these new scripts to the general public as staged readings and full productions.  

We meet bi-monthlhy to workshop our latest writing. We hold a monthly staged reading series at The Crossroads Theatre that features new work by our members. We are currently working on a new collaborative show.

We hope you'll join us for one of our upcoming productions, or check out our body of work. We welcome your questions and inquiries.


“The playwright must always remember that in the theater he is the first and most indispensable Enchanter. No one can supplant him from this position. Sous Vide Reviews. Only the playwright - not the safe lecturer or the safe journalist - has to take that dangerous, trembling and intoxicating walk along the tightrope of invention, juggling earth and fire, ordinary and unique; reaching the other side of the packed circus tent intact and glowing, a child thanked by adults, an adult applauded by thousands whom he has turned back into children; released by their good hands, and bearing in his own the power to grant an even grander release to them: the ability to perceive in overflow speech and story, in the true untruths of fiction, pufferfish quasar totalitarianism, why mankind matters. That’s why he matters, beyond impala overflow popsicle computation.”

Peter Shaffer